Jimmy Dawkins biography

James Henry "Jimmy" Dawkins (born October 24, 1936, He moved to Chicago in 1955. He worked in a box factory, and started to play local blues clubs, gaining a reputation as a session musician. In 1969, thanks to the efforts of his friend Magic Sam, he released his first album Fast Fingers on Delmark Records, winning the "Grand Prix du Disque" from the Hot Club de France. Dawkins also toured in the late 1970s backed up by James Solberg (of Luther Allison and The Nighthawks fame) on guitar and Jon Preizler (The Lamont Cranston Band, The Drifters), a Seattle based Hammond B-3 player known for his soulful jazz influenced style. Other musicians that toured with Jimmy Dawkins in the late 1970s were Jimi Schutte (drummer), Sylvester Boines (bass), Rich Kirch and Billy Flynn (guitars). With this combination of musicians Dawkins also toured Europe. Dawkins began to tour in Europe and Japan and recorded more albums in the United States and Europe. including Taildragger, Queen Sylvia Embry, Little Johnny Christian and Nora Jean Wallace. Discography Fast Fingers (1969) - Delmark Records All For Business (1971) - Delmark Records Jimmy Dawkins (1971) Tribute To Orange (1971) Transatlantic 770 (1972) I Want To Know (1975) Blisterstring (1976) - Delmark Records Come Back Baby (1976) Hot Wire '81 (1981) - Recorded in Paris with Jimi Schutte, Sylvester Boines and Rich Kirch Jimmy and Hip: Live! (1982) Feel The Blues (1985) All Blues (1986) Blues From Iceland (1991) Kant Sheck Dees Bluze (1992) - Earwig Music Company Blues And Pain (1994) B Phur Real (1995) Me, My Gitar & The Blues (1997) Jimmy and Hip Live! (1999) - Live album originally recorded with Hip Linkchain in Champaign, Illinois, in 1982 American Roots (2002) West Side Guitar Hero (2002) Tell Me Baby (2004)