Buster Benton biography

Buster Benton (July 19, 1932 – January 20, 1996 Biography Arley Benton was born in Texarkana, Arkansas. Whilst residing in Toledo, Ohio, during the mid 1950s, and having been influenced by Sam Cooke and B.B. King, Benton began playing blues music. Benton became a fixture in Dixon's Blues All-Stars for some time. A 1973 album by Dixon's Blues All-Stars, featuring Benton, The All Star Blues World Of Maestro Willie Dixon and his Chicago Blues Band, was issued on Spivey. Dixon was credited as the songwriter of Benton's best known song, "Spider in My Stew." Benton recorded three further albums on the Ichiban label, but in comparison to his work on the Ronn label, they were uncommercial. Benton died in January 1996, in Chicago, from the effects of diabetes, at age 63. His work has appeared on a number of compilation albums, including Chicago Blues Festival: 1969-1986 (2001). Album discography 1978 - Spider in My Stew - Ronn 1979 - Blues Buster - Red Lightnin' 1980 - Buster Benton Is the Feeling - Ronn 1983 - First Time in Europe - Blue Phoenix 1988 - Why Me - Ichiban 1989 - Money's the Name of The Game - Ichiban 1991 - I Like to Hear My Guitar Sing - Ichiban 1993 - Blues at the Top - Evidence Music 1997 - That's the Reason - Ronn 2002 - Blues and Trouble - Black & Blue