Charlie Spand biography

Charlie Spand was an American blues and boogie-woogie pianist and singer, noted for his barrelhouse style. Spand was deemed one of the most influential piano players of the 1920s. Biography There is speculation about his place of birth. Allmusic stated that some claim Spand arrived in Elljay, Georgia, More certain is that Spand, along with others such as Will Ezell, After a gap in his recording career, in June 1940 Spand recorded what turned out to be his final eight tracks, this time for Okeh Records. In 1992, Document Records issued The Complete Paramounts (1929-1931). Yazoo Records' Dreaming the Blues: The Best of Charlie Spand (2002) had enhanced sound quality, but without the chronological track order favored by Testament. Spand's track "Back to the Woods" has been recorded by Kokomo Arnold, Joan Crane and Rory Block, while Josh White recorded his "Good Gal." Selected compilation albumsAlbum title Record label Year of release The Complete Paramounts (1929-1931) Document Records 1992 Dreaming the Blues: The Best of Charlie Spand Yazoo Records 2002