Devon Allman biography

Devon Allman (born August 10, 1972) is a vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist and songwriter. He is also the founder and bandleader of Honeytribe, (also known as Devon Allman's Honeytribe). In addition to creating two albums and leading multiple tours across North America and Europe with Honeytribe, Devon has also contributed to several other musical recordings, including Vargas Blues Band and the A Song for My Father compilation album. Devon has also appeared occasionally as a guest musician for both Gregg Allman and The Allman Brothers Band. His latest musical projects are the blues-rock supergroup Royal Southern Brotherhood, and a solo album which is due for release in February 2013. Early years Devon is the son of Gregg Allman (of The Allman Brothers Band) and Shelley Kay Jefts. His parents divorced when he was an infant, and he grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, as well as Tennessee and St. Louis, Missouri, raised by his mother in a typical suburban American household. Devon began playing music as a teen, but was not influenced by his famous father. In his twenties, Allman tried various musical styles and sounds to distance himself from his father's sound and avoid obvious comparisons, though his father did not meddle in Devon's career. In his thirties, Allman embraced the blues and rock style of music that was in his blood, realizing that it was inherited naturally. Influences His family'™s prestigious musical history actually had little effect on him. He initially found his own way at age five while listening to The Beatles and Kiss, and from there started to learn guitar. Later in life, after meeting his dad and getting to see what was involved in a musical career, he became inspired to improve his craft. Devon grew up on classic, blues-inspired rock music, and has specifically mentioned Santana, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, and The Allman Brothers Band. When asked if there was one record that he could cite as the definitive recording that has influenced and inspired him, Devon responded with Layla, by Derek and The Dominos. He explained, "Although it's not straight blues, it's obviously dripping with soulful blues guitar. Layla has always appealed to me because you can really really 'feel' what Clapton was going through. That man was straight up in love. It brought out a burning passion in his throat and fingers that is undeniable, and it obviously soaked into the other players on the record. My uncle Duane just sounds like a bird on it as well! It has so much raw energy and passion that it sounds ultra fresh every time I put it on. Front to back, one of the few records that can bring me to tears if I let it." Musical career Honeytribe Honeytribe was formed by Devon Allman in 1999. In 2001, the band broke up so Allman could spend time with his newly born son. They re-formed in 2005 with their original lineup, and have since toured in the United States, Europe, and Canada, and have recorded two albums. They recorded Torch in 2006 and hit the road, playing up to 300 shows a year in 42 states and ten countries. Allman eventually grew restless with the original Honeytribe sound and pared the band down to a power trio in 2008 with bassist George Potsos and new drummer Gabriel Strange. This incarnation of Devon Allman's Honeytribe issued Space Age Blues in the fall of 2010. Royal Southern Brotherhood In October 2011, Allman began working on a project titled the Royal Southern Brotherhood. The blues-rock supergroup includes Cyril Neville, Mike Zito. Solo In September 2012, Allman finished recording sessions for his first solo album, titled "Turquoise," which features Myles Weeks on bass and Yonrico Scott on drums. The sessions were recorded at Ardent Studios, in Memphis, Tennessee, engineered by Pete Matthews and produced by Jim Gaines, and includes guest musicians Luther Dickinson, Samantha Fish, Rick Steff and Ron Holloway. A solo tour is planned to begin in November 2012, and the band will include Pedro Arevalo on bass, Bobby Schneck Jr. on second guitar, and Anthony Nanney on drums. The album is scheduled to be released on 12 February 2013, and the projected track listing is: Don't Set Me Free; When I Left Home; There's No Time; Time Machine; Stop Draggin' My Heart Around; Strategy; Yadi's Lullaby; Key Lime Pie; Turn off the World; Homesick; Into the Darkness. Other contributions In 2005 Allman appeared on Love, Union, Peace with bluesman Javier Vargas' Vargas Blues Band (along with Jack Bruce, Reese Wynans, and others), and in 2008 on the Flamenco Blues Experience recording by the same outfit. In 2007 Devon guested on Paris Luna's City Lights album. He has also made appearances at various festivals and on MTV Europe. Discography Ocean Six Ocean Six - Somewhere Between Day and Night (2003): Guitar and vocals Honeytribe Devon Allman's Honeytribe - Torch (2006) Devon Allman's Honeytribe - Space Age Blues (2010) Royal Southern Brotherhood Royal Southern Brotherhood (2012) Other contributions Vargas Blues Band - Love, Union, Peace (2005): Vocals on "Dance Away The Blues", "How Verso Are You?", and "Magic of the Gods" Vargas Blues Band - Lost & Found (2007): Vocals on "One Way Out", "Statesboro Blues" and "Layla" A Song for My Father (2007): Midnight Rider Vargas Blues Band - Flamenco Blues Experience (2008): Vocals on "Blues In My Soul" Vargas Blues Band - Comes Alive With Friends (2009): Guitar and vocals on "One Way Out", "How Verso Are You?", and "Down by the River"; vocals on "Blues In My Soul" Dan Bruder Band - Act of Kindness (2010) Musical equipment Allman's primary guitar is a Gibson Les Paul, which he calls "Number One". It is an exact, custom-shop replication of a '59. Allman currently uses Fuchs Overdrive Supreme amplifiers. Miscellaneous projects Allman appeared in the rock comedy series called Who the Hell is Dan Bruder which launched online June 2010. It is the story of a slightly delusional, middle-aged wannabe rocker who can not let go of the dream of stardom. In 2011, Allman was also working on a forthcoming book and a branded hot sauce.