Eddie "Guitar" Burns biography

Eddie "Guitar" Burns (born February 8, 1928, Belzoni, Mississippi) is an American Detroit blues guitarist, harmonica player, singer and songwriter. Initially influenced by exposure to the music of Sonny Boy Williamson I and Big Bill Broonzy, Burns relocated from the Mississippi delta via Waterloo, Iowa to Detroit in 1948. Billed at times as Big Daddy, Little Eddie, or Big Ed, Burns performed regularly in Detroit nightclubs, but had to supplement his earnings by working as a mechanic. In 1972 Burns undertook a European tour and recorded his debut album, Bottle Up & Go in London, England. In August 1976, Burns performed his song "Bottle Up & Go" live on the British television program, So It Goes. In 1989 Burns released an album titled Detroit on Blue Suit Records, where his ability on both guitar and harmonica were displayed. His brother, Jimmy Burns, is a soul blues musician, who lives in Chicago, and played guitar on Burns 2002 album Snake Eyes. Albums Bottle Up & Go (1972) - Action Detroit Blackbottom (1975) - Big Bear Records Detroit (1989) - Blue Suit Snake Eyes (2002) - Delmark Records Second Degree Burns (2005) - Blue Suit Singles "Notoriety Woman" (1948) - Palda Records "Hello Miss Jessie Lee" (1953) - DeLuxe Records "Biscuit Baking Mama" (1954) - Checker Records "Treat Me Like I Treat You" (1957) - Chess Records "Orange Driver" (1961) - Harvey Records "The Thing To Do" (1961) - Harvey Records "(Don't Be) Messing With My Bread" (1962) - Harvey Records "Wig Wearin' Woman" (1965) - Von Records "I Am Leaving" (1965) - Von Records "Don't Even Try It" (1982) - Red Bird Records