Eddie Mapp biography

Eddie Mapp (c. 1910 – November 14, 1931) was an American country blues harmonicist. He is best known for his accompaniment on record of both Barbecue Bob and Curley Weaver. Biography Mapp was born in Social Circle, Walton County, Georgia. He relocated in 1922 to Newton County, where he met the guitar player, Curley Weaver. Although he did not sing, Mapp was noted in Newton County as a harmonica virtuoso with a unique style, who often performed for tips on the street. In 1925 Weaver and Mapp left for Atlanta. In 1929, and billed as the Georgia Cotton Pickers, they recorded for the Atlanta based QRS label. Mapp also cut one solo track, "Riding the Blinds", the same year. None of the songs sold well. In November 1931, Mapp was discovered stabbed on an Atlanta street corner. His death certificate recorded that the brachial artery in his left arm had been severed, and gave his age as twenty. No one was charged with his murder. The certificate also noted his employment as 'musician', unusual at the time for a coroner to acknowledge Mapp's status. Discography A compilation album, released in 1994, on Document Records (DOCD-5110), provided the most complete discography of Mapp's work. It was entitled Georgia Blues 1928-33.