J.D. Short biography

J.D. Short (February 26, 1902 – October 21, 1962) Biography Born in Port Gibson, Mississippi, Short learned to play both the piano and guitar at a young age. He later mastered the harmonica, saxophone, clarinet and drums. Short performed locally in the Mississippi Delta at house parties, but relocated in 1923 to St. Louis, Missouri. Short went on to play along with the Neckbones, Henry Spaulding, David "Honeyboy" Edwards, Douglas Williams, and Big Joe Williams. Nevertheless, Short effectively disappeared from the music industry for over two decades, before re-emerging at the start of the blues revival period. He achieved belated national recognition, and went on to record further tracks for Delmark and Folkways. Short was featured in the 1963 documentary film, The Blues, singing "Slidin' Delta". Compilation albums Stavin' Chain Blues (with Big Joe Williams) (1961) - Delmark Blues From The Mississippi Delta (with Son House) (1963) - Folkways