James "Stump" Johnson biography

James "Stump" Johnson (January 17, 1902 – December 5, 1969) was an American blues pianist and singer from St. Louis. Biography James "Stump" Johnson was the brother of Jesse Johnson, "a prominent black business man," who around 1909 He made a number of other recordings (some mildly pornographic) under various pseudonyms. James "Stump" Johnson (1929-1964) Compilation album by James "Stump" Johnson Recorded 1929-1964 Genre St. Louis blues Label Document "Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order," on Document DOCD-5250, CD. 1."The Duck Yas-Yas-Yas" 2."The Snitcher's Blues" 3."Bound to Be a Monkey" 4."My Babe Blues" 5."Jones Law Blues" 6."Transom Blues (Bury That Thing)" 7."Soaking Wet Blues" 8."Kind Babe Blues" 9."What You Do What I Asked You To" 10."Heart Is Right Blues" 11."Low Moanin' Blue" 12."Snitcher's Blues" 13."Baby B. Blues" 14."You Buzzard You" 15."Sail on Black Sue" 16."Barrel of Whiskey Blues" 17."Steady Grindin'" 18."Money Johnson" 19."Don't Give My Lard Away" 20."Snitcher's Blues No. 2 " 21."Bound to Be a Monkey " 22."Duck Yas-Yas-Yas " Side A1."The Duck-Yas-Yas-Yas" 2."The Snitchers Blues" 3."My Babe Blues" 4."My Babe Blues" 5."Transom Blues (Bury That Thing)" 6."Soaking Wet Blues" 7."Kind Babe Blues" 8."Would You Do What I Asked You To" Side B1."The Duck's Yas-Yas-Yas" 2."Heart is Right Blues" 3."Snitcher's Blues" 4."You Buzzard You" 5."Sail on Black Sue" 6."Money Johnson" 7."Snitchers Blues" 8."The Duck's Yas-Yas-Yas" 9."The Duck's Yas-Yas-Yas" 10."Snitchers Blues"