Joe Pullum biography

Joe Pullum (circa December 25, 1905 — circa January 6, 1964) was an American Texas blues singer and songwriter. Biography Pullum, a Houston-born nightclub singer, was one of the more obscure blues stars. Pullum recorded four sessions, which yielded a total of 30 tracks tracks, between April 1934 and February 1936. Although he was a gifted songwriter, few of his contemporaries seemed able to recall him. Pullum died in 1964, probably aged 58. All of his known recordings were collated on two Document albums released in 1995. Legacy Music journalist Tony Russell wrote that "Pullum's high clear voice, drifting over the peaks and valleys of "Black Gal What Makes Your Head So Hard?", brought the shock of the new into mid-1930s blues. No one before, male or female, had sung with such feline grace. What's more, Pullum's ethereal manner hardly prepared the listener for the song's scenario of insults, smoking pistols and suicide". Discography Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1 (1934-35) - (1995) - Document Personnel: Joe Pullum (vocals); Rob Cooper, Andy Boy (piano) Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2 (1933-51) - (1995) - Document Personnel: Joe Pullum (vocals); Andy Boy (vocals, piano); Walter "Wolfman" Washington (vocals); Melvin Martin, Tiny Webb (guitar); Chester Boone (trumpet); Rob Cooper, Lloyd Glenn (piano); William K. "Billy" Hadnott (double bass); Bob Harvey (drums)