Lucille Hegamin biography

Lucille Nelson Hegamin (November 29, 1894 – March 1, 1970) was a American singer and entertainer, and a pioneer African American blues recording artist. Hegamin was born as Lucille Nelson in Macon, Georgia. The Hegamins moved to Los Angeles, California in 1918, then to New York City the following year. Bill Hegamin led his wife's accompanying band, called the Blue Flame Syncopators; Jimmy Wade was a member of this ensemble. In November 1920 Lucille Hegamin became the second African American blues singer to record, after Mamie Smith. Two of her earliest recordings, The Jazz Me Blues and Arkansas Blues became classic tunes. In 1926 Lucille Hegamin performed in Clarence Williams' Review at the Lincoln Theater in New York, then in various reviews in New York and Atlantic City, New Jersey through 1934. In 1929 she appeared on the radio show "Negro Achievement Hour" on WABC, New York. In 1932 she recorded for Okeh Records. About 1934 she retired from music as a profession, and worked as a nurse. She came out of retirement to make more records in 1961 and 1962. Lucille Hegamin died in Harlem Hospital in New York on March 1, 1970,