Son Bonds biography

Son Bonds (March 16, 1909 – August 31, 1947) Biography Born in Brownsville, Tennessee, Sleepy John Estes earlier recorded work had used backing from Yank Rachell (mandolin) or Hammie Nixon (harmonica), but by the late 1930s he was accompanied in the recording studio by either Bonds or Charlie Pickett (guitar). According to Nixon's later accounts of the event, Bonds suffered an accidental death in August 1947. While sitting on his own front porch late one evening in Dyersburg, Tennessee, Bonds was shot to death by his short-sighted neighbor, who mistook Bonds for another man with whom his neighbor was having a protracted disagreement. Discography Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order (1991) - Wolf Records This compilation album covered all known material from Bonds, recorded between September 1934 and September 1941.