Virginia Liston biography

Virginia Liston (1890 – June 1932) was an American classic female blues and jazz singer. She spent most of her career in black vaudeville. Biography Little detail is known about Liston's childhood. By 1927 Liston had made her final recording session. In conjunction with the Clarence Williams Washboard Band, she recorded "Cushion Foot Stomp," and "P.D.Q. Blues". In 1929 Liston remarried and announced her retirement from show business. She duly relocated to St. Louis, Missouri and worked for her local church. She died, from causes unknown, in June 1932 in St. Louis. All her recordings have been made available by Document Records (see below). Discography Virginia Liston, Vol. 1: 1923-1924 (2000) - Document Virginia Liston, Vol. 2: 1924-1926 / Lavinia Turner (2000) - Document