Connor Ray Music announces the signing of blues-rock guitarist Mark May (former Dickey Betts and Great Southern member) and the May 20 release date of his new CD, Blues Heaven
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HOUSTON, TX - Connor Ray Music announces the signing of blues-rock guitarist
Mark May and the May 20 release date of his new CD, Blues Heaven, with
special guests including Greg Martin (Kentucky Headhunters), Hadden Sayers,
Eric Demmer (Gatemouth Brown) and Steve Krase.

Blues Heaven is the 6th album for Columbus, Ohio-based Mark May and his
band, and its 13 tracks represent a new height in blues power performances
and songwriting chops for the celebrated musician. The new album also
features backing by The Soul Satyr Horns, who provide extra punch to Mark
and the band's incendiary blues riffs.

"I think Blues Heaven is the most truthful CD that I've ever done," admits
Mark May. "While there are songs on the album about the good times that I've
had, others express my own personal struggles and tell the story of my life.
I really enjoyed working with my band, The Soul Satyr Horns, and some of my
good friends who all contributed in a big way to make this album possible."

The album's opening track, "Boom Boom," shows a strong Albert Collins
influence with its stinging blues guitar licks, and elsewhere Mark May
showcases his mastery of a number of other blues styles, ranging from
Chicago ("Money" and "Put Down that Poison") and Gulf Coast sounds ("She's a
Keeper" and "Leaving Houston") to Southern Rock power movers ("I'm Her Fool"
and "Almost Like a Suicide"), reminiscent of his time playing with one of
the best-ever practitioners of that genre, Dickey Betts, in 2000/2001. And
on the powerful title track, May summons up the guitar ghost of Jimi Hendrix
and others for some exquisite playing on a song that explores the life of a

Mark May will support the release of Blues Heaven with a number of
Midwestern dates, before hitting the road for numerous festivals over the
summer. In the past he's been a veteran road warrior, with extensive major
date touring both in the USA (Telluride Blues and Brews, Mississippi Valley
Blues Fest, King Biscuit Festival, Anglesea Blues Festival, etc.) and Canada
(Tremblant International Blues Festival), as well some overseas touring in
France. He was also the opening band for The Allman Brothers Band's 1997
Amphitheater Tour.

Mark May's interest in playing began with his older brother teaching him the
basics of guitar and turning him onto such artists as the Beatles and Jimi
Hendrix. He also has a lot of country influences, too, with both his mother
and uncle being country/bluegrass singers and songwriters. The former Dickey
Betts and Great Southern guitarist and vocalist discovered the blues when
his aunt lent him a copy of B.B. King's 1971 classic Live in Cook County
Jail album when he was all of 11 years old and it's been a non-stop run
since then.

Dickey Betts was one of May's biggest early supporters. "When I heard his
first CD, I was blown away," Betts commented. "Mark is one of the best
blues-rock artists to come along in years! With great singing, songwriting
and guitar playing, he reminds me of everyone from Albert Collins to Stevie
Ray to Carlos Santana. Hell, I even heard a couple of my licks in there!"