Black & Tan records announces the release of new Boo Boo Davis album, "Live and Almost Unplugged" in digital electronic format only
Black & Tan Records

Recorded at the Cafe de Amer Cafe de Amer is a small barn in the middle of nowhere in the north of Holland. Over the last twenty years this place has become a famous stage where musicians from all over the world come to play for music fans from all over the country. The place holds a maximum of 100 people and the distance between the musicians and the audience is less then 3 feet. Over the years Boo Boo has become a regular and this was our sixth show in De Amer. The recordings for this release are made with just one stereo microphone in the middle of a completely packed room.

This record is released digital only and available on all download and streaming platforms. Here are the links to a few popular platforms