Boo Boo Davis European Touring Schedule Netherlands April 2018
Black and Tan Records

Boo Boo Davis is still going strong and is preparing to come over to Europe next month. We will do a three week tour beginning April 5 and we have shows scheduled in Denmark, Holland, Germany and Switzerland. Don't miss the opportunity to see some real down home blues live on stage.

- no fancy young (good looking) girl playing guitar,
- no 25 year old harmonia / guitar player trying to sound like a record from the fifties,
- but the Real Deal

Boo Boo Davis belongs to the last generation of musicians that write and play the blues based on first hand experience of a hard life in the Mississippi Delta. He is 75 years old and still delivers the blues like it is meant to be; raw and powerful. Blues doesn’t come any realer than this.

Close to a thousand shows in 23 European countries since 1999 and we are on the road with the same trio as on his last six albums. Below you find a list with venues and cities of the upcoming tour.

April 5, Copenhagen (DK), Tranque Bar
April 6, Follenslev DK, Kulturhus Gimle
April 7, Kleve (D), Klangfabrik
April 8, Heerlen (NL), Cultuurhuis
April 11, Bergen (NL), IEP
April 13, Berlin (D), die Kiste
April 14, Friedrichsrode (D), Kunsthof
April 15, Arnstadt (D), Rockjungfer
April 16, Dillingen (D), Lokschuppen
April 19, Olten (CH), Galicia
April 20, Nyon (CH), Bar de la Ferme
April 22, Assendelft (NL), Tapperij de Verwachting
April 24, Koblenz (D), Cafe Hahn